The one golden rule about the publishing industry in Turkey is that if you are a freelance journalist is whichever field, it is very rare that you will be paid. Whether its an art magazine, a national newspaper, a worlwide famous copyright fashion magazine or just an e-shopping websites, freelance writers are obliged to accept free labor!
How does it all work?

1st option

You offer to write a piece. You write it. You send it. And it gets published. Thats it.

2nd option

You are offered to write a story. You write it. You send it. And it gets published. Thats it.

3rd option

Before you start writing the story you are offered or that you offered, you ask what budget of payment the publishing is willing to pay you.
You send the email.
You wait.
You wait more.
You don’t get to write the story. You don’t send it. It never gets published. Thats it.

So if you are trying to be a freelance writer in Turkey think again.

-Words of a freelance writer