Ulrich Riedel & Emre Meydan


April 21 – May 20, 2017

On the 21st of April, BERLINARTPROJECTS will host an encounter between two artists whose shared interest in the qualities of space and the boundaries of perspective brings their otherwise very different practices together. Sculpture meets painting in this exhibition, the geometric structures of Ulrich Riedel dialoguing with Emre Meydan’s delicate images of interiors. Both artists have distinctive vocabularies for questioning representations of space and treating perspective with clever illusions and distortions, Riedel on a more monumental scale and Meydan on a more intimate one. Yet one does not outshine the other, rather, the works interact and inform each other in an explorative, collaborative way. Indeed, the core of the show is a joint piece by Riedel and Meydan; the outcome of their conversations on depth, spatial relations and three-dimensionality.

On entering the exhibition space, Riedel’s imposing wooden structures immediately strike the viewer. With their typically geometric appearance and undulating surfaces that create the illusion of further volumes, these works are adept experiments in the perception of texture. Their interlocking nature, based on subtle calculations and the principles of construction, reveal the complexity of these large-scale yet restrained sculptures. Oscillating between two and three dimensionality, Riedel’s minimalist pieces consciously play with spatial awareness, changing as soon as the viewer moves to a different angle with skilful agility.

The exhibition culminates in a collaborative artwork by Riedel and Meydan, acting as a symbiotic fusion of their two very different approaches. Typically, Riedel builds the frame, the structure, the backbone of the pieces with his rigorous geometric style whilst Meydan elaborates the interior with his subtle touch and intuitive interpretation of enclosed space.

address: Potsdamer Str. 61
10785 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 240 87 606