Contemporary Istanbul 2013 art fair has ended a few days ago. But the high speed  artistic energy it left behind, is still visible. Having met important directors from important galleries in Paris, London and New York during the fair, ARTSNOB wanted to get a general idea of how these galleries see contemporary Turkish art. So, here are the answers!

Jean Fremon, President, Galerie Lelong / Paris: “We are very interested in contemporary Turkish art. We are representing Turkish artist Ramazan Bayrakoğlu and it is our first time. We sold one already last night. We met him earlier this year and we immediately thought he is a very strong artist.  The works have such presence that they move you. We thought it could be an interesting edition to the artists we show and we would like to promote him more and more in the art fairs we participate. We already have many Turkish clients in Paris, Artbasel, and Miami we thought it was a perfect choice. I am sure that international collectors will also be interested in Bayrakoğlu too. We will show him in the art fair in Madrid in February. We heard about him through a friend and I went to his studio in İzmir to meet him. That is how we started to work together.”

Lisa di Simone, Director, Gallery C24 / New York: “There is a lost of enthusiasm for Turkish art right now because it’s a young collecting base. Artists like Ali Kazma and İrfan Önürmen are very serious artists that are being exposed to a much wider audience through our gallery in New York. It seems that, international collectors are hungry and thirsty for anything new coming from the art scene of Istanbul. Whether the artists are using traditional techniques with a modern twist like İrfan Önürmen who uses painted tulle, which is a more traditional concept in a brand new way. This juxtaposition of the old, the new and the history, is intellectually very exciting and visually exciting for Americans and the international collectors. Turkish Contemporary Art has arrived and it will continue!”

Acoris Andipa, Director, Andipa Gallery / London: “Turkish contemporary art has been progressing very beautifully throughout some years now. I have been watching Istanbul for art during these past three years and even this short time has proven a lot. Each year, stronger developments are taking place artistically, aesthetically, intellectually and academically. As I look around Contemporary Istanbul, I see that there are some very exciting artists in Istanbul. There are a few Turkish artists that I loosely follow and now I see that they are going to do well on an international platform. Also as the world is more homogenizing and globalizing, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to take artists from Turkey to elsewhere.”