In his first solo show which is opening on the 27th of May in Berlin at BERLINARTPROJECTS, Buğra Erol takes the viewer on a journey through his mind and pictorial system with a reflective series of recent paintings and drawings. As the artist insists, the topic chooses him, not the other way round. In this case it was a sense of urgency that prompted Erol’s new exhibition.

Erol’s paintings and drawings explore our troubled relationship with each other and with our surroundings, be they natural or urban, revealing the artist’s critical attitude towards the crimes of mankind in the modern age. They communicate a sense of unease and instability that is both the cause and the result of the socio-political issues of our time. Works like Kingslayer show a man with a house over his head, adorned with medals, but also with multiple signs that read DIE and WAR whilst The Residents show what seem to be finger puppets, brainwashed as the open skull of one of the figures suggests. Often fragmental in nature, Erol’s disjointed snippets of scenes of destruction have a graphic, collage-like feel – there is no overt narrative attempt, instead the focus is on clear expression and visual impact.

Buğra Erol was born in 1986. He lives and works between Berlin and Istanbul. He graduated from Yeditepe University Fine Arts Faculty, Plastic Arts Department in 2012. Multidisciplinary artist, Bug r̆a Erol mainly works with paintings, installations to build fictional universes composed of oneiric, sometimes comical figures, based on his own fantasized reality and actuality. His works have been part of many exhibitions, including “Greetings From Now On: Territories of Commitments”, BERLINARTPROJECTS, Berlin (DE); “Beautiful Monuments of Decay”, Daire Gallery, Istanbul (TR); “Concrete Utopia”, Realismus Club, Berlin (DE); “Merz 3000”, Plato Art Space, Istanbul (TR); “90 Minute Shows”, Contemporary Istanbul International Art Fair (TR); “by Marcus Graf”, Papko, Istanbul (TR).