For sometime #ayna‘s artworks have caught my attention around town. Street art never was so hilarious! 28 year old Anıl Taşezen aka #Ayna in the art world, hit the streets with colourful stickers of figures from the popular culture, politicians, historical figures and people we all just happen to know with the most funny and well thought statements. Graduated from Yeditepe University of Fine Arts, the artist works internationally whether its Lebanon, Germany, Pakistan or Istanbul. Istanbul’s most loved curator Marcus Graf has selected the artist for a group show “Neo Neon” that will be taking place this evening at Plato Art Gallery

#Ayna will be taking place with artists such as; Zafer Akşit, M. Sefa Çakır (Acil Sanat), Tuğçe Çubukçuoğlu, Fırat Engin, Şifa Girinci, Ardan Özmenoğlu, Ali Emir Tapan, Mehmet Ali Uysal and Saliha Yılmaz. 

“Neo – Neon” based on neon lights is explained by Marcus Graf below…

“Since the beginning of the 20th century, neon-lamps are enlightening our nights, and are attracting our attention in the darkness. At the beginning, mainly used for advertisement and commercial communication, especially in American cities, the shining sources became symbols of nightlife, modern consumerism, and the fast pulse of western urbanism. Since the 1980’s though, neon increasingly was exchanged with other technologies and techniques, so that today, nearly totally erased from our urban matrixes, it has a melancholic and anachronistic character.

So, being a powerful sign of the modern metropolis in the 20th century, it is now a reference to its history. Still, in contemporary art, it is a popular tool of expression, in which mostly typographic, or abstract works are produced. The exhibition Neo-Neon at Plato Sanat is reviews how young artists in Turkey conceptually and formally deal with neon-lights as artistic material. The title Neo-Neon underlies that this show is an analysis and evaluation of the meaning of neon in today’s art and life. Every “neo” before a term tells the reader that the named incident still exists. At the same time it points to the fact that there are new additions and dimensions attached now to the understanding of the term. That is why Neo-Neon points to a change in the art of neon, and critically discusses various conceptual and formal facets.”