Art: Simona Molino and Matteo Lucidi

They have made quite a silent entrance into the Turkish art market. They are situated in Galata, on Serdar-ı Ekrem street, where hundreds of art lovers honor each opening. The name of the art formation that came together from a young and innovative team of four people is AVTO. It was founded by Oya Kalkavan and Renk Özer.

Today, there is an amazing show at AVTO which I advise everyone to see. Italian artists Simona Molino and Matteo Lucidi’s “Sweat Museum” is shown. Many cosmetic products such as underarm pads, sweat gauges, etc., which were invented in the 21st century, are being exhibited in the show. Once you see the show you will have a thorough understanding of sweat! The exhibition, which also includes familiar names such as; Cristiano Ronaldo and Maradona, Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, can be seen until May 7th.