One of the most successful female Turkish contemporary artists, famous for her glass tree sculptures, post -it artworks and humourous neon lighting, Ardan Ozmenoglu is having another international exhibition tonight. Taking her place amongst the Swiss art duo Patrick Csajko & Robin Bucher at Galerie Frank Pages in Geneva. The exhibition names “Barbara Aga Ghetto Ghetto” is featuring Ozmenoglu’s post – it artwork of Queen Elizabeth aswell as her neon works and three beautiful tree sculptures. Lately the artist has updated her sculptures and fitted the glass on to real life tree trunks. Having worked throught the night to finalize the exhibition, Ozmenoglu says; “BarbaR AGA Ghetto Ghetto!”

Gregory Pages, Artistic Director of Frank Pages Gallery says, “I first saw her work at Contemporary Istanbul in 2012. The works were striking cause they were new and completely out of the box. That is why I wanted to know more about her and met the artist behind the works. And I’m really happy to have her in our gallery in Geneva finally!”