Ardan Özmenoğlu

Gaia Gallery launched a very cool project last night in collaboration with artist Ardan Özmenoğlu and Turkey’s most unique and historical brand, Ece Ajanda for the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial. Don’t forget to pop into Afitap in Karaköy to take a closer look at Ardan Özmenoğlu’s glittery design on the Ece Ajanda’s (personal organizer notebooks).



Afitap being one of the most historical printing houses extends its story all the way back to the Ottoman years. Back in the day Afitap actually was a pioneer in importing Mont Blac pens, Hermes typewriters, Pelican inks and many more luxurious international stationery goods aswell as creating the most well known brand in personal organizers named the Ece Ajanda. Once located in Cağaloğlu (in the old city) where Atatürk himself shopped from, the store now has moved to Karaköy in the same concept. Here we are with Sedef Günşiray the successor of the brand and Nil Nuhoğlu the owner of Gaia Gallery.

Nil Nuhoğlu and Sedef Günşiray

“The Design Biennial contacted Sedef who is a good friend of mine and the owner of Ece Ajanda in order to make a project for the biennial. And so she offered Gaia Gallery to join the project and help her in the creative side of it. I asked Ardan Özmenoğlu to collaborate and so here it is.” says Nil Nuhoğlu. “We gave access to Ardan to look through our whole archive. And she picked one advertisement which was one of the most popular and memorable one that dates back to the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. She created the hanging colorful ADs with the same print and the papers are all leaves from the organizer. She used glitter to design the inside of the organizer and some are on the walls as artworks.” explains Sedef Günşiray. 

image14Afitap is the last stop on the Biennial route. The Design Biennial will continue until the 20th of November.