Bahram Hajjo, a Syrian artist was standing in front of his artwork that depicted Aylan Kurdi’s death on shore. The refugee disaster which can be seen as the shame of humanity, was reminded and underlined by the Syrian artist at Dar Al And a Gallery from Jordan during Contemporary Istanbul. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Bahram Hajjo. I’m coming from Germany where I’ve been living for 40 years but originally I’m from Syria. Not to forget mentioning my gallery which is from Jordan. This artwork is about the syrian refugee child that was killed. 

As you are a political artist with Syrian origin I’m interested in hearing your point of view about the recent events about refugees?

It’s a disaster for sure. I’ve been in Syria back in the day, it was wonderful; the land, the people. I just stayed there for a long time in Kamışlı and what I’d experienced was a 3 beautiful weeks before I had to move. Because of the war, everybody was against us there, there were no more sharings.

What about being an Arabic artist who lives in Germany?

I’m Kurdish actually and this was the real reason I’d left Syria. I’m happy in Germany.

What would you say about the Kurdish situation, happenings in Turkey?

I’m a pacifist, I am not keen on wars. So I’ve been in Turey for a while. I even made an exhibition in Tesvikiye Art Gallery which belongs to Doğan Paksoy. It was wonderful that time, I was totally free. But now, its venomous and more dangerous. I wish the things would be like it were back then, even better. We should only be feeling freedom.

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Owner of Dar al Anda Gallery and Bahram Hajjo