Sefa Çakır is a young artist age 27 living and working in Istanbul. He has an academic career in arts and is busy with his PhD in Yeditepe University. He started showing his art since 2014 but has ever since been concentrating on his academic career. Last year he was invited to attend European Exchange Academy in Germany and stayed there for a 42 day program. His works have been included in five private art collections. Some of his previous exhibitions took place in Plato Sanat and Gaia Gallery and now in Elgiz Museum. You might remember his works from group shows curated by Prof. Marcus Graf in Gaia Gallery or Plato Sanat. Or more recently, his works are shown in a separate room at Elgiz Museum in a group show curated by Prof. Ferhat Özgür. I love his art!

marker pens and pencil on paper

He works with pencil and markers on paper. His art is generally black and white and he uses all the 99 shades of grey. Unlike the 50 shades, Sefa’s works are very innocent. His art is mainly children figures and emphasizes on anxiety issues. Looking at the way he uses marker on paper, it’s not so difficult to foresee where this talent will be heading. He isn’t yet working with any gallery but I strongly believe he will have his first solo and a contract with a gallery very soon.

ART SNOB: Hi Sefa. Tell us a bit about your ongoing exhibition at Elgiz Museum?

SEFA ÇAKIR: Hi, well I’m attending a group show which includes 8 other artists apart from myself such as; Kezban Arca Batıbeki, Tanja Boukal, Fatma Çakmak, Ahmet Elhan, Seda Oturmak, Chulayarnnon Siriphol, Güneş Terkol and Ezgi Tok. The exhibition is curated by Professor Ferhat Özgür and is titled Leaden Circles Dissolved in the Air. The title of the exhibit refers to the frequently repeated sentence in Virginia Woolf’s most striking novel Mrs. Dalloway, and points out the intersection of different perspectives. And can be viewed until 28th of April at Elgiz Museum.

ART SNOB: So, who is Sefa Çakır exactly, give us details?

SEFA ÇAKIR: I was born in Safranbolu in 1990. As I graduated from Safranbolu High School majoring in Art I then preceded my education in painting and sculpture in Marmara University. In 2013 I started my Masters in Yeditepe University in Visual Arts and currently I am doing my PhD in the same school

ART SNOB: You work with pencil paper and marker pens. Why marker pens instead of paint?

SEFA ÇAKIR: Although there are many who work with marker on paper amongst illustrators, we are only two who use this discipline in art. The reason why I insist on producing my works with marker, pencil and paper is because I feel its the most sincere medium in order to reflect whatever I’m trying to reflect. I use all the shades between black and white with marker pens. Both pencil and paper were once living and after an industrial process they became what they are today. This whole idea fits well with my works too.

ART SNOB: All the figures in your art are children. Why?

SEFA ÇAKIR: My art deals with anxiety. In ever class and level of society which we cannot escape as an individual or as a group there are common aspects which unite us. Anxiety is one of the common aspects, which an individual cannot escape from. Death, success, power, desire, dreams, ego, sadness, happiness… all of these add up to anxiety. All this is due to the expectations that were coded in our childhood years, the goals created, the memorized life, the desperate desires and the helplessness feeling at the end. The only place where all our emotions are pure, our intentions are clean is our childhood. In that context, every child figure in my works is the reflection of whoever is looking at it.