C.A.M. Gallery welcomes the summer with a group show entitled «Whatever Forever». Through this exhibition, it is aimed to bring together the young collectors and art lovers with the works of young artists from different eld, thus making art come out of its temple to make it more approachable. This group exhibition showcases the works of Turkish and International artists like Chris Retsina, Elif Aybüke Koçak, Funda Özgünaydın, Furkan ‘Nuka’ Birgün, Jonathas Nazareth, Matt Lifson, Sinem Yıldırım and Özlem Ünlü.

Whatever Forever was chosen as the group show’s name due to its characteristic of bringing together different techniques in a melting pot while creating a complexity and diversity. The show can be viewed between June 9th and July 30th at C.A.M. Gallery.

09 June – 30 July 2016


Chris Retsina
Elif Aybüke Koçak Furkan ‘Nuka’ Birgün Jonathas Nazareth Matt Lifson
Sinem Yıldırım Özlem Ünlü