Fernando Botero’s solo show was opened yesterday at Anna Laudel Gallery in Istanbul. Anna Laudel Contemporary has recently opened in Istanbul and it was my first time to meet with the gallery. The preview of the show was hosted by the curator Dr. Klaus Wolbert. Dr. Klaus was German and didn’t speak English so we were translated by a lovely lady. Firstly the gallery invited us for breakfast. Then we had the exhibition tour. Dr. Klaus kindly explained the show, the artworks and Botero’s unique style. Unfortunately the 85 year old artist was not present in the exhibition opening and sadly we didn’t meet him. But at least we had a chance to examine his works and hear more insider news about him from someone who knows a lot about him.

Here are the notes from the tour by Dr. Klaus Wolbert:

“During his youth years Botero was very much inspired by Picasso. But he still yet did not have a unique style. One day he was painting a mandolin. He discovered that once he painted the little holes in the mandolin smaller than usual, the mandolin would look even larger than normal size. That is how his style was constructed and from then on he focused on volume and larger forms in human figures and animal figures.”

“This exhibition gives you an idea of Botero’s works. The works that are shown here are very high in quality and we have managed to show examples from all the mediums he uses: charcoal, watercolor, marble, bronze and oil.”

“He is having a retrospective in Rome now showing 50 artworks until 27th of August.”

“He doesn’t underline “mother nature” or the concept of “giving birth” here by drawing the female figures larger. He just uses it as a style.”

“The fat horse is actually more to do with Plato’s philosophy. Botero depicts the horse as the “idea” in Plato philosophy meaning the most accurate reality. The horses we are used to seeing are not the accurate ones according to Botero.”