Some say the art season is just commencing, some say art never has a season. All we know is that all the galleries have shows in September and this means openings, high heels, lots of artworks and champagne! Voila, here are some picks for this month. Don’t miss them.


“The Disaster Takes Care of Everything” – 06/09/2016 – 01/10/2016

ALAN Istanbul presents Huri Kiriş’s 4th solo show “The Disaster Takes Care of Everything”. Huri Kiriş is unique among Turkish contemporary painters. Through her works containing figurative elements and landscapes, Kiriş depicts the social and political tensions of her homeland to the paintings. In “The Disaster Takes Care of Everything”, while she creates the illusion of intense depth with oil paintings in which dark colors dominate, by using animal, plant and human figures that emerge from the darkness she depicts the intensity of individual as a result of social and political events that take place in the world with a poetical language.


O7 september – 22 october  – Kasa Gallery

Kasa Gallery hosts Hera Büyüktaşçıyan and Tunca with a very interesting artshow opened on the 7th of September until 22nd of October called “…Because We Are Here Where We Are Not…” The relationship of city and architecture with “place”, and therefore the specific field of knowledge and action they engage with as conveyors of collective memory, still appears as a powerful field of transmission for artists. This was how Hera Büyüktaşçıyan and TUNCA, two artists who investigate via alteration the phenomena of city and architecture as the shared equipment of socio-cultural memory and individual experiences, and develop thought on the expression of the links between these phenomena and objects, actions and images, began, for this exhibition, to play the game of getting lost, discovering borders, wandering in physical/mental spaces and exploring meaning in the city. They went on journeys along the ancient borders of Istanbul, along its city walls, bastions and gates. As an outcome of this relational urban experience, they created a parallax effect in the gallery space as a motivation that provided a contribution to their associative and sensorial productions and that reveals, not the visuality or nostalgia the city creates, but the plurality and commonality of individual relationships formed with the city, and operate with its aura. Hera Büyüktaşçıyan in her site-specific installation titled “Crooked Gate I, II and Threshold”, via the construction of memory and its relationality with architectural space, focuses on the space she occupies Minerva Han as a historical, political and symbolic witness. TUNCA’s drawings titled “Rotunda I, II, III” take their place in the space as images that possess a double symbolic quality, as an “inside-outside” as mentioned in Henri Michaux’s poem. Merleau-Ponty states that, in the journey of the “mind-body-world”, looking at the city from different viewpoints helps the individual to rethink her relationship with the city. Thus, HERA and TUNCA, too, take us to a fictional “place” with its melting doors, and walls with no entry point. The exhibition titled “Because We Are Here Where We Are Not”, takes its name from a poem by Pierre-Jean Jouve, and via the relationship of the city and architecture with “place”, invites the viewer to look at the invisible beyond physical and intellectual spaces, and beyond borders and thresholds, and to the journey of bodily experience transforming into artistic form.



Galerist is pleased to present Elif Uras’s third solo show at the gallery, titled “Hayal Meyal”. The exhibition consists of an installation of new paintings and works in ceramic and will take place from September 23 to November 6, 2016.

Uras’s latest paintings and sculptures reflect on female agency as observed in contemporary society through reproductive, domestic and wage labor. The female protagonists Uras depicts in her work are within interior or exterior spaces that appear increasingly confined and homosocial, and yet, instead of offering a simplistic view of female objectification, they reveal the complex and nuanced agency of women in today’s global economy as producers and consumers.


Cam Gallery – 29th September – Sinan Tuncay

Sinan Tuncay opens a solo show called Synthetic at Cam Gallery between 29th of September until 29th of October. Tuncay famous for his use of Turkish cinema in his videos and photographs will surely draw a lot of attention to his new show that will be shown in the new location of the gallery which has now moved to Çukurcuma. see you at the show!