Galeri Zilberman is pleased to announce the exhibition by Ahmet Elhan, titled “Ground Glass”. The artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, can be visited at the main gallery space between 9 January – 19 March. In Ground Glass”, the artist focuses on photography’s own tradition and the notion of mastery. Creating this new exhibition with an artistic sensitivity towards visual exuberance in today’s world, he proposes an alternative perspective against the manipulation of the hastily produced and consumed digital photography, and how it conceals the truth photographically.



Rampa is pleased to present “The Shining Darkness”, its first solo exhibition of CANAN’s work, on view from January 15 – February 27, 2016. The exhibition will include new video, photography, paintings and installations by the artist.

“Where does this black sun come from? Out of what eerie galaxy do its invisible, lethargic rays reach me, pinning me down to the ground, to my bed, compelling me to silence, to renunciation?” Julia Kristeva (Black Sun: Depression and Melancholia)

CANAN questions power structures, gender politics and patriarchal systems and their governance of the individual body—particularly the female body. Patriarchy is everywhere, anywhere. It is in the internet, as shown in her Hezeyan (Delusion) video where she falls in love with a man who has hacked her computer, and her life; it is a Panopticon, an all-seeing, unknown eye, a concept that CANAN has re-iterated throughout her career. It is a shining darkness, a black sun rendering us into a state of madness and resignation.



Daire Gallery is pleased to present Cemre Yeşil and Maria Sturm whom will be questioning the theme on birds and bird taming between January 16 – 13 February. Istanbul has been a prominent location for bird taming. Bird taming has roots from the Ottoman culture and is now apart of the Turkish culture.