My dearest curator friend Özlem Ünsal invited me to a brunch hosted by Versus Art Project celebrating Cemal Gürsel’s next solo opening tomorrow (10th of May) at the gallery. Greeting many guests from the press, Leyla Ünsal, the gallery owner all happy and excited had actually made a feast ready for us. The artist who lives and works in Vienna was present with us, answering the questions from the gallery tour. IMG_2619

Seated around a long table of delicious dishes, looking at great works of action painting, sitting side by side to a very realistic artist who says, “Art is not going to save humanity! If that was ever the case the world would have been a better place since the Renaissance period.” This event / brunch / exhibition preview was one of the most interesting and delicious events lately. Thanks to Leyla Ünsal for hosting us, Özlem Ünsal for inviting us and Cemal Gürsel for touching our souls with his art and moreover his words during brunch.

You don’t do many exhibitions do you?

No, all the artworks were made only for this exhibition and they were all created in 3 months. I don’t focus on opening many exhibitions I focus more on creating my art. Therefore it’s my 3rd artshow in Istanbul.


All these pieces were made in 3 months?

Yes, I work fast but I also get tired very fast.

You live and work in Vienna, where were all these works created?

I also have a studio in Istanbul, these works are from my Istanbul studio. Turkey is a country which is always in motion and all this action reflects on Istanbul. During my time in creating these works, I was inspired by the action of the city, very related to action painting itself.

Leyla Unsal / Cemal Gursel / Gulben Capan

Where does the name of this exhibition, “Get Lost” come from?

I’m a Cypriot Turk, the place where I was born is the same where Aphrodite was born according to mythology. My life was always a journey and I was always in action from Cyprus to Istanbul to Vienna and I never could settle anywhere I could never be stable and live somewhere. And all this action was inherited into my soul, inspired my art and now the name of the artshow “Get Lost” comes from the fact that I still feel lost.

Gulben Capan / Ozlem Unsal

Did you always work as an abstract painter?

At first I was doing very realistic paintings actually. But if you see these paintings as abstract then they are abstract but I dont see them as abstract. Some have hidden figures in them but you have to look closely.