Atilla Galip Pinar who paints human and animal figures all in one depicting the existence of nature and the psychological perceptions of the human. Uses vibrant colors and figures and forms in a puzzle like way. Each and every canvas has a different dimension and story with nature. The artist searches the answer of the question if hope will sprout in any condition and any time for the humanity which is tired of being in a war with the existence of himself and also with other humans in the whirlpool of ignorance, grudge and greed without falling in pessimism but not falling apart from the actual reality at the same time. All his artworks are acrylic on canvas and variable in size.



screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-13-37-50atilla-galip-pinar-id-ii-100-x-70-cm-tuval-uzerine-akrilik-2016 _rumour__by_atillagalip-d9p097k screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-13-38-27

Atilla Galip Pınar’s 5th solo exhibition named as ‘’Hope Whispers’’ that consists of the works which has been created in more than a year, can be seen in Gallery Ilayda until December 4th, 2016.