Gallery Ilayda will be hosting “SUMMER COLLECTIVE” group show between July 1st – September 4th, 2015. The exhibition includes the latest works of the artists, Barış Cihanoğlu, Damla Özdemir, Atilla Galip Pınar, Ardan Özmenoğlu, Kerim Yetkin, Gazi Sansoy, Nurdan Likos, Özcan Uzkur, Aysel Alver, Caner Şengünalp and Derya Özparlak whose works were displayed apart from their solo exhibitions throughout the season.

Pg Art Gallery is pleased to present “You are here”, the first solo show of Melis Buyruk, a ceramic artist, who uses ceramic as a medium of expression without denying the material’s intrinsic features, running from July 8 through July 30. 

Most of her artworks contain “plates”, one of the most common and functional forms made from ceramic. Artist, preserving its form as it is, turns this industrial object into an art form just by changing its context. Buyruk does this skilfully. Without renouncing plate’s very purpose “presenting” and taking refuge in ready-made, she rather creates her art openly in the realm of design.


Galerist will be having a group exhibition bringing together artists from Holland, U.K., U.S., Sweden and Turkey, between  JULY 1 – AUGUST 15 called “Summertime” featuring many cool artists including; RASİM AKSAN, ALPER AYDIN, GABRIELE BEVERIDGE, ANNA BJERGER, JEREMY BLAKE, KADAR BROCK, PETRA CORTRIGHT, NICOLAS DESHAYES, ED FORNIELES, İDİL İLKİN, ELİF KAHVECİ, OĞUZ KARAKÜTÜK, THOMAS VAN LINGE, ARSLAN SÜKAN, ALİ EMİR TAPAN and ISABEL YELLIN. 

Summertime* plots a fragmented trajectory through a toxic territory – Summer as it is incarnated in contemporary, consumer culture – sundrenched, colour-saturated – a no-place in which the ecstatic present lasts forever and death is impossible. Semi- abstract and associative in structure, Summertime* follows several intertwining lines of engagement through this neon-bright desolation.

Petra Cortright, ‘paradisenook_w_strippers’, 2012, Flash animation, Infinite duration, Dimensions variable, Edition of 1