About The Snob

This is a personal Art Blog that started up in January of 2014 by a journalist who grew up in Geneva but currently lives and works in Istanbul. After studying Literature and Art History she studied her Masters degree in London on journalism. Having worked as editor for Elle Magazine Turkey for several years, she then became Editorial Director of Spice Magazine Turkey and was contributing editor of many publishings including Grazia, Akşam Newspaper and Istanbul Art News. And finally today, Istanbul Art Snob is aiming to introduce you to the artists and art scene of Istanbul, in English.
13921189_10154393615924813_1921286748979990812_nNote from the Snob: 

“I believe Art, heals all wounds in the soul and has an ‘epiphany – like’ effect on our lives. I here give a chance to international galleries, art collectors and curators to reach all the way to Istanbul and have a sneak peek into the Turkish contemporary art scene. Because as humans have been treating each other very poorly for centuries and even more poorly recently, I believe war will only end when another source of power from the unknown will dominate us. Therefore I choose to embrace art until our true saviors, the UFO’s invade the earth! So enjoy till its too late ;)” – The Snob